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Piece of ceramic in a pit fire

The BODY and TIME are at the core of my work.  I am deeply inspired by prehistoric art, the female figurines from the paleolithic and neolithic periods and by world mythologies.  I explore the primitive essence of women, her power of creation and her connections with the earth and the cycles of nature.

Whether they are paintings or sculptures of bird women, cocoon women or installations of womb shells or body parts; my work embody the feminine and often take the form of archetypes or human hybrids.  I use objects or artifacts that exude the patina of time, metals, woods, natural fibres, or any other material that resonates with the work in progress.  I am particularly drawn to stone and clay.  I imagine stones as being the bones of the earth and clay its flesh. Some of my clay figures are fired in the ancient japanese technique of raku or raku nu, while others are smoked or simply laid in a pit-fire to be marked by the flames.

At other times, I create bodies that take the form of vessels, cocoons or stone structures.  As exemple: "Khronos" is a site-specific interactive installation where the monolithes can be seen as a rib cage or as vertebraes streatching towards the sky.  Inside "Khronos", life flows following the rythmns of nature and changes as people and events resonates within its body-space.  

The ephemeral art that I create in nature connects me with the passage of time and with the body of the Earth Mother. These ephemeral works are in a sense like our own bodies, subject to time and ultimately they also will decay. Whatever the approach or medium used, my works are born from my explorations through TIME, deep into the womb of the universal BODY.

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