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The White Ephemerals ...

These ethereal creatures are extremely rare.  They float over the landscape in total silence, constantly morphing between specter to an almost solid form.  They are very difficult to find and especially hard to see in foggy atmospheres.  Nobody knows of their origins.

The White Ephemerals react to the beauty that surrounds them.  They use their skin to express what they perceive.  Wisps of translucent shapes and colors dance inches above their bodies as auroras borealis, constantly in movement, as their attention goes from one place to the next.  They are pure creatures who look like half ghosts and who are always in a state of flow.

These vaporous creatures are long lived and can be seen, if you are lucky, anywhere in the world of Imaginarium.  To be in the presence of a White Ephemeral can be very disturbing and will change you in a profound way.  They will show parts of your inner beauty, the ones that you would have never imagined.

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