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December 20, 2014

Khronos under a blanket of snow

Khronos - winter 2014
Khronos - winter 2014
Khronos - winter 2014

In my backyard at the end of October, applying a protective coating to a birch bark painting.
December 1, 2014

Birch Bark Painting

For some time, I have been gathering birch bark from fallen trees, to use either in paintings or in sculptures. I have been working sporadically on this birch bark painting over the last two years. I put it aside when I have other project deadlines or more urgent work that has to be done.  

Here's a photo taken in my backyard in late October.  I took advantage of the last warm days before winter to give it a protective coating. I still have a bit more work to do, but soon it will be finished. Some of my works mature very slowly, like this one.  

November 12, 2014

Marks ...

In October, I installed a piece of bisque ceramic in a pond.  I left it there for over a month so that water marks would be created on the surface of the ceramic.  I will use these marks as inspiration when I work on the final surface of the piece.  The process began when the autumn leaves were falling, after there were days of rain, ice conditions, thawing, more ice and finally falling snow.

On a dark and rainy day, I saw it, a dead bee on the belly of the piece.  I found this incident very poignant and symbolic.  Life evolves and leaves visible and invisible marks on its journey. The passage of water on the piece marked the ceramic, the passage of the bee on the belly of the piece marked my memory and deeply touched my heart. 

The leaves are falling, fall is here.
It's a gray and rainy day.  A dead bee on the belly of the piece.
Ice has taken hold of the piece.
It's getting warmer, the ice is starting to melt.
Cold weather is setting in.
A blanket of snow and ice.

Sculpting in my backyard.
October 19, 2014

Out-of-doors ...

Starting from the beginning of spring to late fall, whenever I can, I bring my work outside.  I love working outdoors, whether I'm working on sculptural projects, nature art or on installation works.  

I love to feel the elements surrounding me, also the fertility of Earth and her wild beauty that never ceases to amaze me.  When I go for walks, I sometimes gather branches, stones or other materials that I bring back to my studio.  During the long winter months, when I touch or contemplate these objects, it brings immediately to my mind lots of memories of nature that are etched, deep inside my body and in my very soul.  

Nature is omnipresent in my life ... she is LIFE.  She is fundamental to the evolution of my work and my process as an artist.

Series BODY SHELLS, digital image
October 8, 2014

500 Shades of Grey

It is said that the human eye can distinguish about 500 shades of grey.  It is also said that grey is boring, conservative and unemotional.  I find grey fascinating. It is a neutral color which goes very well with other colors.  Grey has a stabalizing effect, making soft colors stronger and bright colors softer.  To name a few, it is the color of metal, stones, volcanic ash; also of maturity, futurism and wisdom.  I love the color grey because it evoques mystery, timelessness, wisdom, changing mood, misty places and unusal atmospheres.

A multitude of images come to my mind when I think about grey color names such as: wood ash, cathedral grey, forged iron, silver fog, charcoal grey, shark skin, gunmetal, dove grey, chronium, misty grey, tarnished silver, elephant skin, ash grey, pearly grey, silvery moon, lead, sabre grey, castlerock, pewter, dolphin, slate, cinder, fossil, concrete, grey cloud, Krypton grey, stormy sky, grey hippo, silver rain, witching hour grey, deep cavern grey ...

Digital work
September 13, 2014

Falls Brook ... an inspirational place

"Mist is a living veil through which inspiration and forms swirl and softly penetrate into the depths of my imagination.  To bathe in its shrouded breath is to wrap myself with a part of nature."  Éveline Gallant Fournier

There are places where I return often, to feel and to be inspired by their energies.  These places have an atmosphere, a certain mystic which shave taken root there a long time ago.  Falls Brook is one of those places.  Not surprising that a lot of people make the trek of more than a kilometer through the forest, to go there, even in the dead of winter.

The base photograph for this digital work was one that I took at Falls Brook during the spring of this year.  I also used additional images of my sculptures, objects, and of my model, my daughter Carole Fournier. 

Over the years, I have created many images, sculptures and installations of turtle women, and I can tell you with certainty that more are coming!

Filming for TV5, Unis
September 4, 2014

Artist ... it's not just about creation

A lot of things come into play while managing an artist career: writing projects, proposals - interviews for radio, television and newspapers - constant updating of cv, statement, biography, website and other social media platforms - marketing - daily correspondence, communications, public speaking - consultation - photography, documentation, archives - accounting - application for grants - mentoring - research in different techniques - self-education - participation in artistic jurys - volunteer work ... and more!  

I laugh inside just thinking of the first time that I operated a drill, electric saw, grinder, torch under my husband's worried eyes!  Challenges galore!  I love it!

Exhibition invitation
August 12, 2014

Imagined Dialogues
touring exhibition

Galerie Colline, Madawaska Historical Museum
Edmundston, NB
from August 12 to September 30, 2014

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Fredericton, NB
from October 2, 2014 to January 11, 2015

At the Edmundston Art Centre
July 29, 2014

Unveiling of the public artwork

at the Edmundston Art Center
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 5 PM

The COCOONS installation will be part of the City of Edmundston public art collection.  It will be on permanent display at the Edmundston Art Centre.  

2014 World Acadian Congress
Edmundston Art Center
Regional Development Corporation

Thanks to all of you; your funding helped in realizing this historical work.

SEED CATCHERS, Joseph-Morneault Road, N.B., Canada - 2014
July 9, 2014

Recycle - Reutilise

One of my goals with the "Seed Catcher" project is to recycle/reutilise different sculptural elements of this series into new compositions.

June 30, 2014

Atlantic Visual Arts Festival (FAVA)

Exhibition "Seed Catchers" at the FAVA 2014.  I was a great pleasure and an honor to have been the godmother of the 18th edition of the festival.  

Exhibition SEED CATCHERS, Atlantic Visual Arts Festival, Caraquet, N.B., Canada - 2014
Exhibition SEED CATCHERS, Atlantic Visual Arts Festival, Caraquet, N.-B., Canada - 2014
Exhibition SEED CATCHERS, Atlantic Visual Arts Festival, Caraquet, N.-B., Canada - 2014

Series AB OVO
May 27, 2014

In the middle of nowhere ...

I always try to document the name of the places where I create landart or installations, but sometimes, it is practically impossible to do so.  Here's one of them, created in the middle of the forest, somewhere at about 80 kilometers from the city of Edmundston, off road, no signs in the vicinity, no name to the place.  

This installation is part of a series titled "AB OVO", a latin expression meaning from the egg, at inception, going back to the first origins.

May 6, 2014

KHRONOS (detail) - The cosmic egg and the celestial door at nightfall, New Brunswick Botanical Garden, Canada

The mysterious and poetic side of Khronos ...

It hails from the innermost depths of a timeless hourglass
It lingers not with us
Khronos marches on
The universe is its field of predilection
Khronos meanders amidst space, matter, and energy
It is the bond, the interconnection between the nanoparticle of life
And the vastness of a black hole
Bounding from one galaxy to the next
Khronos ages not, alters not, dissipates not
It is time eternal
It lingers not with us
Khronos journeys on.

Khronos and Ananke, pillars of creation
As well as letting you through a celestial door
present you with a cosmic egg
The egg, in equilibrium within time
Is suspended to the threads of dreams, of hope
It is the seed of your imaginings
Cross the celestial door and enter the world of the stars
To be greated by all bourgeoning souls.

Celestial cycles are danced by a circle of stones
It is a haven ... Sacred grounds ... Boundaries ... Observatory ...
It is a refuge!
Within the stone circle, time dawdles as it refuses to wither and die
It is whole, it is complete
An ultimate symbol within a perfect geometry
At once container and contained
The circle, the loop
Forever revolving
Unceasing, relentless, unbroken

The star cluster
Becomes a concentration of levels
bringing to your attention the varied terrestrial and intergalactic sites
that invite you to the farandole of forever

Time, time
Does it have a mirror?
Day and night, the canopy of heaven caresses earthly waters
Will he or she take time to contemplate?
No!  No!
As for us, not only can we, but how can we not ...
The mirror of time is a reflection
within the grand passage
of all that was, is, and will be.

The wave of time
A shift,
a wave
a wrinkling of Earth Mother's flesh
This fleeting oscillation
As a stone
cast by a child into the ocean
Will ripple throughout the ages
Your soul will long to raise a fragile barrier against it
This life throb upon the earth's matrix
Will be one frequency within a cosmic opera
Observe and head
the symphony of the passage of time.

Albert Roy, poet
(this text has been translated from french)

April 23, 2014

On the way ...

I know where I'm going, but where will I stop on the way?  For me, it is chance, instinct, spontaneity or fate that decides, in a large part, the answer to this question.

At the beginning of the week, I left for Caraquet with more than an hour of spare time before my meeting.  I had brought with me a couple of objects, just in case I would have the opportunity to do an art installation.  On the way, I decided to stop for gas in the small village of Janeville. Being born and having grown close to water, the sea always calls to me like a magic flute.  Naturally, I asked if there was an access to a public beach in the area. A very nice lady tells me of two different places nearby.  I decide to go back up the road for a couple of kilometers. There, I found a beautiful beach partially covered with snow and blocks of ice.  In my hour of spare time, I created two installations. I included photos of one of those installations with this text.

One fabulous hour, deeply enjoyed and savoured completely; and also a very nice meeting with the owner of the land adjacent to the beach who invites me to stop again if I'm in the area.  LIFE is beautiful!!!  

Series AB OVO - ceramic, sand and driftwood, Janeville, N.B., Canada - 2014
Series AB OVO - ceramic, sand and driftwood, Janeville, N.B., Canada - 2014
Fingers a bit frozen, but feeling very happy and blessed!!!  I believe I will be enjoying a cup of hot coffee ... soon!!!

Creating land art, Rivière-du-Loup, Québec
March 26, 2014

Nature Art

LandArt is an essential part of my work.  Before I begin, I always take the time to breathe deeply until it seems as if time stands still.  I listen to and feel all that is present in the environment and imagine what is beyond that which my eyes can perceive.  These moments of silence that precede my work enables me to contemplate the fragile, complex and often poetic relations that exist in nature, and also the relations that humans have with nature.

I am never sure of what will happen.  I work intuitively.  I use natural materials found on site.  I also use the contours, the elevations, the depressions in the earth, also the layers, the contrast and depth in the landscapes so that the works can dialogue with the environment.  I love the challenges of working with limited means and materials and also the ephemeral nature of this type of work. Creating this way always makes me feel grateful, in reverence and enchanted with the Earth and for Life.

February 3, 2014

"Seed Catchers" project, St-Basile, N.B., Canada

Seed Catchers

In the spring of 2013, I started work on a travelling installation project called "Seed Catchers.  This project will be ongoing for the next few years and is meant to bring about reflections on the concerns we face in terms of honoring seeds as one of our most valuable natural resource.  To learn more about "Seed Catchers", click the project button in the menu.

January 23, 2014

In process

This image shows details of a more than 5 foot tall, wall clay sculpture.  I'm using this piece to measure the amount of clay shrinkage resulting from the air drying phase and also the bisque and glazing phases. The amount of shrinkage is not the same in a large clay sculpture as in a a small clay object; also, flat and curved surfaces do not dry in the same manner.  I needed to integrate metal to the sculpture, that is why I needed to study and measure.  I also tested glazes, on the front yes, but also on the back.  That's OK ... it is the hidden/secret part of the piece.

This wall sculpture is a warm up, preparing me for what I will be working on in the next few weeks, that is the modeling of a sculptural clay/metal element that will be part of an installation.  This ongoing process in research and experimentation in large clay sculpture is part of my artist residency at the Centre des arts de la petite église d'Edmundston.

In process, modelling clay - 2014
Full size and detail of sculpture - 2014
detail - 2014

Series "Bone shells"
January 4, 2014

Digital Art

I usually work in digital art when I'm in between processes or projects.  To me, working in digital art is like drawing, the files on the hard drive are like pages in my sketchbook.  

I begin the same way as I do for a drawing, with a blank page, in this case a blank screen; and substitute the crayons and pigments for electronic tools and colored pixels.  The computer allows me to discover what is possible in the creation of an image like no other medium.  The paint is never dry, the exposure or contrast are always redoable and unlimited additions or substractions of image particles are possible.  In the end, I just need to decide when the image is done.

I use realistic or abstract images that I have captured with my camera of patterns, forms or colors found in the natural environment, or photographs of my own sculptures or of live models.  These images are layered, cut, pasted, drawn or painted on using digital brushes and other electronic tools. The final image created is often that of an imagined landscape, exploring the mysteries, the nuances and the enigmatic qualities of nature.



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