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This project, creating a legend and associated intercreative game, is meant to stimulate popular imagination.  The project is also meant to encourage interactions between members of the community as well as to foster reflection on the role that oral tradition may play in present-day society.  Both the Madawaska River and regional folklore were sources of inspiration for this legend.

The text has been deliberately laced with a smidgen of uncertainty here, a smatter of outrageous conjecture there, so as to leave all avenues of creation open to you.  Consider this story as a laboratory where ideas are constantly mutating. Should your imagination open the door to this "lab", you will be presented with cloning test tubes, within altered space and time, becoming interleaved within concepts which will propel you to new intercreative heights.

Invitation to play an interactive-creative game

All are invited to participate.  Let your imagination reveal the hidden facets of this legend.  Take advantage of get-togethers to swap theories with your friends.  Some of your testimonies/accounts will be selected and posted at this address.  Cyberspace will thus serve as the setting in which to free your imagination and storytelling spirit.

A few questions to help you get under way:

1. What could the origins of such a chimera possibly be?
2. In your opinion, what sort of creature really was "the female medusa"?
3. Which powers did she possess and how did they affect the world in which she lived?
4. Why might it have passed through - or lived in the P'tit-Sault area?
5. Where is the fossil now?  What has become of it?

The Book

44 pages (22 english pages, 22 french pages)
8,5 po x 8,5 po
full-color illustrations


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The Medusa of P'tit-Sault
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Here are some of the reader's comments and speculations; also rumours about the Medusa that have spread in the community ...

Tailynn: Great thinking!  That really breaks the mold!

Denis, Edmundston, Canada:  La lumière qui émane de la Méduse est sa respiration en suspension.  Endormie dans la pierre, la créature attend le moment où elle sera charmée hors de son sommeil.  Dès lors, elle se réveillera...

Vicky Lentz, Edmundston, NB, Canada: The Medusa of P'tit-Sault.  What would our human world be like without the power of our imagination?It is truly a gift to believe in a world beyond our own self-imposed, physical reality.  Imagine if you will a place that knows no boundaries where the impossible becomes the possible and where the power of creation knows no limits.  From the concrete world tht is created by our minds with its boundaries and parameters is it possible to experience something much greater?  Parallel fantastic worlds in another time and place!  I believe so!  Instead of asking yourself why, ask yourself why not!  Where did she come from - The Medusa?  From another world, unlike our own, in a parallel universe she was born and lived many million of what we know as our earth years.  It was from a time before time, from a place, before place, from a universe thriving with transformative life forms.  The power of mutation was theirs to become that which they inhabited - one with their environment.  Life forms did not exist independently but all life shared forms, transforming at will, knowing the other like themselves - not distinguishing separateness from one another.  She was as powerful being of beauty.  Her female form morphed into the land.  Her magic was felt by all forms she shared and inhabited.
The Medusa knew of worlds beyond her own.  She sensed the thin veils that separated her universe from the others.  She was curious about a universe she could see formed around a sun not unlike the sun on which she lived and drew her life force.  She was drawn to the blue-green planet within this other solar system.  She could see a life force pulsing around its circumference.  It was a vibrational field unlike her own.  She was compelled to explore this new and curious place.  And that is how it come to be.  She slipped quietly through the veil into our solar system and made her way towards the blue-green planet.  She left behind all that she was but carried with her to this strange new place her transformative powers of unimaginable earthly proportions.  She moved outside the speed of time and entered the atmosphere of earth.  Her keen senses were overcome by the newness of this place.  The Medusa morphed into the mountains, oceans, skies, forests and creatures that inhabited this planet.  She became one with planet earth and was alive in a fresh and delightfully new way. The earth beings wilcomed this new arrival.  The mountains stretched out into the sky with newfound strength, the oceans swelled and the tides ebbed in her vibration.  The skies clouds danced and the wind currents formed energy patterns around the planet that remain to this day.  The forests and her creatures spread across the land and she gave them the gift of transformation.  

The metamorphosis that exists today was a gift from the Medusa.  What we call evolution is her power of transformation that she shares.  She is the earth and the earth is her.  If you believe and can quiet the business of your mind you can feel her presence.  She walks with us in the forest.  She looks out from the peaks of the mountain tops on all of creation and she swims in the depths of the oceans.  SSSSHHHHHH she is here, her life energy is our very own.  Can you feel her?


This creative project was made possible through the Greater Edmundston Regional Project.  Sincere thanks to artsnb, the Arts Development Branch of New Brunswick Wellness, Culture and Sport, as well as to Entreprise Madawaska and to the City of Edmundston.

Université of Moncton (Edmundston Campus), ah! Communications, ConceptJ, Galerie Colline: many, many thanks!

And to the project's magic ingredient, the Public at Large, a great big hug.

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