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Piece of ceramic in a pit fire

The BODY and TIME are at the core of my work.  I am deeply inspired by prehistoric art, Paleolithic and Neolithic female statuettes, archeology and world mythologies.  I explore the primitive essence of women, their creative power and their connection to the earth and the cycles of nature.

Whether it is a bird woman, cocoon-woman or womb shell installations; my work embodies the feminine and often takes the form of archetypes or hybrids.  I use objects-artifacts with a patina of time or any other material that resonates with the work in progress. I am particularly drawn to stone and clay.  I imagine stones as the bones of the earth and clay its flesh. Some of my clay bodies are fired in the ancient japanese technique of raku.  Others are smoked or simply laid in a pit-fire to be marked by the flames.

Other times I create bodies that take the form of vessels, cocoons or stone structures.  This is the case with "Khronos", a monumental site-specific earthwork where the granite monoliths allude to vertebrae or a rib cage stretching towards the sky.  Inside "Khronos", life flows with the rhythms of nature and changes according to the people and events that resonate in its body-space.

The ephemeral art that I create in nature connects me to the passage of time and the body of Mother Earth.  I often recycle elements of my ephemeral installations to make new works, thus operating a metamorphosis in the lines of existence.  Whatever the approach or the medium used, my works are born from my explorations through TIME, deep into the womb of the universal BODY.

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