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The 1st Power
The Warrior
Courage, Versatility, Spontaneity, Initiation Ceremonies, Sacred Hunts, Honor, Instinctive, Action from the Heart, Focus, Vivacity, Individuality, Perseverance, Stamina, Passion, Bravory, Discipline, Fearlessness, Skill, Endurance,  Protector, Sacred Missions, Awareness, Love of Humanity, Rites of Passage, Fasting and Vision Quests, Traditions and Customs, Power Tattoos, Sacred Shields, Weapons of Honor

The 2nd Power
The Catalyst
Power of Intention, Focus, Migration of Species, Dynamics, Expansion, Metamorphosis, Conjurer's Staff, Spontaneous Combustion, Creation, Reshaping Objects, Rainmaker, Manifestations, Hatching of Chrysalis, Mutations, Synergy,  Influence on matter, Changing of the Seasons, Thunder and Lightning, Transmutation, Wishing Wells, Transformation of Matter, Deep Understanding of Nature

The 3rd Power
The Communicator
Telepathy, Symbolic Language, Soul Mates, Fables and Fairytales, Messenger of the Gods, Literature, Union of Minds, Teaching, Sign Language, Alphabet, Clarity of Thought, Art, Whole Body Listening, Open-Minded, Interpreter of Dreams, Writing, Storyteller, Body Language, Petroglyph, Myths and Legends, Folklore, Talks with Animals, Translator, Poetry, Oral Traditions

The Seer

The 4th Power
The Seer 
Foretelling, Moon Water Maker, Sacred Grottos, Remote Viewing, Lunar Temples, Vulnerability, Spirit of Forgiveness, Protection, Devotion, Empathy, Clear Vision, Feeling the Forces of Nature, Premonitions, The Rythmn of the Tides, Ceremony, Compassion, Seeing into the Heart of Humanity, Life of Ritual, Reading the Water Mirror, Gardien of the Moon Portals, Reading the Mist, Water Purification, Moon Cycles, Power Animals, Shaman, Pull of the Moon, Dreaming the Ocean

The 5th Power
The Sovoreign
Energy, Optimism, Light Bearer, Radiance, Loyalty, Philanthropy, Expression of Greatness, Guidance in troubled times, Strength of Purpose, Gathering of the Clans, Nobility of the Heart, Life Sustaining, Cogs of Civilisations, Architecture, Heraldic Crests, Gardien of the Great Libraries, Leader, Charisma, Eloquent Speach, Sponsor for the Arts

The 6th Power
The Healer
Holistic Vision, Nature Gardener, Sedative Maker, Working with the Elements, Interconnectivity, Seed Protector, Signs and Rhythms in Nature, Rhizomatic, Plant Language, Medicinal Recipies, Anesthetic, Balms, Serums, Ointments, Antidotes, Elixirs, Tonics, Anatomy, Cure, Remedies, Compassion, Harvester, Protector of the Water Sources, Root Science, Anticeptic Properties of Plants, Diagnosis, Growing Seasons, Bee Keeper

The Equalizer

The 7th Power
The Equalizer
Weighing of Karma, Justice, Arbitration, Time Travel,  Afterlife, Gatekeeper of the Doors to the Beyond, Truth, Carrier of Souls to Otherworlds, Stone Circles, Akashic Records, Book of the Dead, Anthropology, Threads of Time and Time Capsules, Embalming of the Dead, Anthropomorphic Powers, Mummification, Archeology, Soul Guide to the Underworld, Between Worlds, Knowledge of the Cosmic Cycles, Portals, Maintaining the Cycles of Life and Death, Necropolis Builder

The 8th Power
The Seeker
Belief, Magic, Ancient Memory, Superstition, Curiosity, Cultic Mysteries, Grimoire, Supernatural, Hypnosis, Spellcasting, Inquiry, Bloodlines, Inner Journey, Paradox, Power Objects, Tarot, Sanctuary, Symbolism, Palmistry, Hypotheses, Numerology, Knowledge of Ancient Lore, Purification, Altars, Fossilized Remains, Pendulums, Astrology, Runes, Mysticism, Crystals, Wands, Synchronicities, Vivid Dreams, Prana, Incense, Clensing, Rejuvenation, Purification, Pilgrimage, Clearing Space, Rituals, Icon Makers

The 9th Power
The Explorer
Navigation, Inward Journey, Guided by the stars, Space Flight, Adventure, Knowledge of the Sky Mirrors, Seeing from above, Azimuths and Bearings, Pathfinder, Locations of Aerial Cities, Reading Weather Patterns, Expedition, Compass, Aeronautics, Guidance Systems, Helmsmanship, Plotting a Course, Sense of Direction, Perspective, Trade Winds, Mapping, Instruments of Navigation, Sense of Orientation, Landmarks, Sea and Air Ships

The 10st Power
The Philosopher
Wisdom, Scribe, World Mythologies, Allegory, Learning from the Masters, Timeworn Scrolls, Methodological Scepticism, Ancient Civilisations, Scientific Methods, Counterexamples, Thought Experiments, Necessary Truths, Learning from Relics, Analysis, Archaic Ruins, Primitive Art, Scriptures, World Libraries, History of Mankind, Existential Questions, Challenger of Beliefs, Academic Discipline, Seeker of Enlightenment, Political Phylosophy, Social Theory, Metaphores, Arts and Humanities 

The Alchemist

The 11th Power
The Alchemist
Invention, Timelessness, Eccentricity, Chimera, Curiosity Cabinet, Singularities, Highly Intellectual, Primordial Forces, Giftedness, Mixology, Non-conformity, Idealistic, Forensics, Keen Observer, Ingenuity, Purposeful, Flexible Thought Processes, Persistent, Critical Thinker, Quantum Physics, Transmutation, Science, Cosmic Memory, Fountain of Youth, Quintessence, Creative, Philosopher's Stone, Scientific Explorations and Research

The Dreamer

The 12th Power
The Dreamer
Clairvoyance, Imagination, Empathy, Fantabulations, Depth of Feeling, Talking to the Spirits, Sacred Flow,  Emanation, Prediction, Spirituality, Meditation, Silence, Aesthetic Impressions, Seeing through the Veil of Reality, Meaning of Life, Enchantment, Prayer, Visualization, Artist, Faith, Originality, Flexibility, Novel Ideas, Divergent Thinker, Iquisitive, Strong Imagery Ability, Hearing Smells, Seeing Sound, Tasting Color

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