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Goddesses are immortal and supernatural beings.  It is believed that they possess the abilities to control or to exert power over some aspect of the world.  They are creators and rulers of the universe and are spoken through folklore, sacred stories and world mythologies.

Temples and shrines are built in their honor and as spaces of worship.  Amulets, charms and other power objects are also created to hold their magic.  They are also used to ward off evil and to bring good luck and protection.




Stellaris is a cosmic goddess that brings forth light from the dark abyss of unborn potential.  She awakens clouds of dust and gas from distant nebulas that have laid dormant for billions of years and gives birth to stars.

She is the caretaker of stellar nurseries, an initiator, a creator and a guiding light for all.


Verdura is a powerful transformer of energy.  She uses the light energy of the sun, carbon dioxide and water to release oxygen in the air.  She inspires medicine men and women to heal with the power of plants.
She is photosynthetic.

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