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Imaginarium, Creation Myth ...

In the beginning, life exploded and spiralled in a tumultuous expansion of living, breathing matter.  With this primal birth, movement began and change was inevitable.  Cloudbursts of new life erupted from the fabric of light and space.  Into the spiralling arms of the Milky Way, the seed, Earth, was sown.

In a vaporous haze, Earth swelled with new energy.  Shadows of strange and haunting shapes began to float through shifting atmospheres, travelling in magical dreamlike landscapes.  These unfettered life forms began to fracture, interweave, and reform.  Organic structures sprouted from the earth's crust; reptilian, avian and other new species began to appear throughout the elements of air, fire, earth, water and ether. Everything was alive with potential and the spark of Life.

And then it happened, the Great Rift.  A primordial force from an unknown origin cloned the Earth; and instantly, the two became invisible to one another.  At first, both worlds were the same, but as time passed, they would evolve very differently. Men would rule one world, the Earth; the other, Imaginarium would be ruled by spellbinding magic.

Worldbuilding is the process of creating an imaginary world.  
Keep an EYE open ... glimpses of this fantastic world will be presented to you through different projects over the coming months and years!

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