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In 2011, I created the first of a series of wall sculptures titled “Womb Shells” sorts of chestplates, shields, pelt-cradles, shelters, armours, echo chambers, choc absorbers, bastions, envelopes, shells, ramparts, enclosures, sacred vessels, refuges, cocoons, dens, buffers …

Like distant echoes, the “Womb Shells” resonate through time with an ancient power that is rooted in the archaic remnants of our ancestral mothers.  Some are belly chambers that house creation, others are tombstone chambers preserving memories of extinct lives.  They vibrate with the power of elemental forces, the whispers of wild creatures or with mysteries.

These “Womb Shells” are defensive barriers that protect their symbolic content from the chaotic winds of time.  These matrices are designed to honor creation and life. This series is ongoing.