Ab Ovo

Travelling, migrating, ephemeral installations …

Eggs; symbols of the beginning of life.
Travelling, migrating installations;
may be found anywhere, unexpectedly.
Appearing … disappearing …
as everything that has existed,
now exists, and has yet to exist on Earth.

In the beginning,
there was the O of the egg.
From the start,
life, already fledgling, took flight.
Out of the egg …
You have only to IMAGINE.

In the beginning … at inception …
from the egg …

The Ovos signal the beginning of an ongoing cycle whose source and origin lie concealed.  Like magical spheres, they represent the starting point from which life can evolve.

“Eggs become cradle envelopes ready to moult or to hatch again.  Occasionally, they become sarcophagi sheltering the remnants of former life.”
Éveline Gallant Fournier

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