Open up to the sensory world of insects and magic mushrooms, the wisdom of nature and to the bizarre ecology of enigmatic tapestries where the relationships between humans, beasts and deities are revealed.


Worldbuilding is the term used in the process of creating an imaginary world.  The stories and visuals created for this project are pieces of a gigantic planetary puzzle to be solve.  All the pieces make up the world of Imaginarium.

This world exists beyond the veil of mundane life.  The veil is everywhere, within you and all around you.  To reach the other side of this misty shroud, put on your magic spectacles, slide your feet in your supersonic boots and step into another reality, the one that leads to beauty, to adventure … to magic! 

Some stories lay other stories, like egg-legends asleep in the meanders of time, until suddenly, each in their turn yearn to emerge into the light.

And then, there are all the characters and strange creatures who are coming out of their hiding places.  What will the final image of this world be?  Who knows.  Perhaps Imaginarium never ends and its puzzle goes on forever!


Stay tuned!
Pieces of this gigantic puzzle are constantly being added!

Imaginarium, the Myth of Creation

In the beginning, life exploded and spiralled in a tumultuous expansion of living, breathing matter.  With this primordial birth, movement began and change was inevitable.  Cloudbursts of new life erupted from the fabric of light and space.  In the spiralling arms of the Milky Way, the seed, Earth, was sewn.

In a vaporous haze, Earth swelled with new energy.  Shadows of strange and haunting shapes began to float through shifting atmospheres, travelling in magical dreamlike landscapes.  These unfettered life forms began to fracture, interweave, and reorganise.  Organic structures sprouted from the planet’s crust; reptilian, avian and other species began to appear throughout the elements of air, fire, earth, water and ether.  Everything had the spark of Life and promise.

And then it happened, a primordial force of unknown origin cloned the Earth and immediately, the two planets became invisible to one another.  At the beginning, both were the same, but over time they would evolve differently.
Earth would be ruled by men … Imaginarium would be ruled
by spellbinding magic!

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