Originally from the small village of Shediac-River, Éveline Gallant Fournier is a multidisciplinary artist who has been living in Edmundston since the late 1970s.  Her works are conceived through various media; painting, sculpture, digital art, installations and Landart.  Public art is also part of her journey, including Khronos, a monumental work on permanent display at the New Brunswick Botanical Garden.  Éveline is also the author and illustrator of a tale and a fantasy novel.

Always exploring and seeking new knowledge, she has participated in several artist residencies: bronze sculptures, Atelier du bronze, Inverness, Quebec – large scale ceramic sculptures, Edmundston Art Center – smoke fired ceramic and in the ancient Japanese technique of raku, Atelier Josiane Vedrine, Bic, Quebec – and in Landart, Aux trois Plaquebières, Lamèque Island.

Recipient of several grants for creation, professional development and for the realization of regional community arts projects from the New Brunswick Arts Board; Éveline was also awarded prizes in Atlantic Canada, Québec and France.  

In 2014 she was godmother for the Atlantic Visual Arts Festival; and in 2016, she won the prestigious Prix Éloize for visual artist of the year, awarded by the Atlantic Academy of Arts and Letters.  Éveline has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United-States, France, Portugal and Tunisia.

Artist Statement

The BODY and TIME are at the core of my work.  I am deeply inspired by prehistoric art, Paleolithic and Neolithic female statuettes, archeology and world mythologies.  I explore the primitive essence of women, their creative power and their connection to the earth and the cycles of nature, in both in my visual art and my writings.

Whether it is a bird-woman, cocoon-woman or a womb shell installation, my work embodies the feminine and often takes the form of archetypes or hybrids.  I use objects-artifacts that carry a patina of time or any other material that resonates with the work in progress. I am particularly drawn to stone and clay.  I imagine stone as the bones of the earth and clay as its flesh. 

Other times I create bodies that take the form of vessels, cocoons or stone structures.  This is the case with “Khronos”, a monumental site-specific earthwork where the granite monoliths allude to vertebrae or a rib cage stretching towards the sky.  Inside “Khronos”, life flows with the rhythms of nature and changes according to the people and events that resonate in its body-space.

The ephemeral art that I create in nature connects me to the passage of time and the body of Mother Earth.  I often recycle elements of my ephemeral installations to make new works, thus operating a metamorphosis in their lines of existence.  Whatever the approach or the medium used, my works are born from my explorations through TIME, deep into the womb of the universal BODY.

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2018 Imaginarium, worldbuilding project, writing and digital art (ongoing)
  • 2014 Cocons, international art project
  • 2011 Khronos, « Earthwork », permanent, public art Nouveau-Brunswick Botanical Garden


  • 2021 Héroïnes jeunesse en bande dessinée, atelier avec Karensac
  • 2021 Edmundston Book Fair (and 2009)
  • 2020 Author et illustrator of the novel « Stella-Maris », Publisher La Grande Marée
  • 2020 Illustrating children’s books, workshop with Réjean Roy
  • 2019 The Art of Storytelling, online MasterClass with Neil Gaiman
  • 2008 Author of the tale « The Medusa of P’tit-Sault »
  • 2008 Regional Arts Grant, artsnb, creation and publication « The Medusa of P’tit-sault »

LANDART (Selected)

  • 2019 Fossils, travelling ephemeral installations, NB et Qc (ongoing)
  • 2017 Artist Residency, Aux Trois Plaquebières, Ste-Marie-St-Raphael, Île Lamèque, NB (and 2015) 
  • 2015 Goddesses of Nature, travelling ephemeral installations, NB et Qc (ongoing)
  • 2014 Ab Ovo, installations éphémères dans la nature, NB et Qc (ongoing)
  • 2013 Radeau du désir, art in situ, Forum of the Professional Status of Artists, Shippagan, NB
  • 2013 Seed Catchers, travelling ephemeral installations, NB (ongoing)
  • 2012 Ophelia, travelling ephemeral installations, NB (ongoing)


  • 2021 Cabinet of Curiosities, Centre des arts d’Edmundston, NB
  • 2020 Curio, Festival d’art actuel, vitrine sur rue, Edmundston, NB
  • 2020 Éclectic, Galerie Art-Artiste, Dieppe, NB
  • 2016 Ephemeral, Akeley Gallery, Presque Isle, Me, USA 
  • 2015 Cycles, Centre des arts d’Edmundston, NB 
  • 2014 Seed Catchers, Festival des arts visuels en Atlantique, Caraquet, NB 
  • 2011 Traces, Galerie Colline, Edmundston, NB
  • 2009 Poetic Delirium and the Imaginary Bestiary, Place de l’Hôtel de ville, Edmundston, NB
  • 2008 Birth of a Legend, Musée Historique du Madawaska, Edmundston, NB
  • 2007 Women of Iron, SRC – Galerie Georges Goguen, Moncton, NB
  • 2004 Auberge des Jardins, Saint-Jacques, NB
  • 2003 Maison Webster, Shédiac, NB
  • 2003 Flora, Jardin botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Edmundston, NB
  • 2002 Centre Culturel Aberdeen, Moncton, NB
  • 2001 Jardin botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Edmundston, NB
  • 1999 Cité des jeunes, Edmundston, NB
  • 1998 Garage des artistes, Tracadie-Sheila, NB


  • 2023 Career Development Grant, artsnb
  • 2020 Creation Grant A, artsnb
  • 2018 Creation Grant B, artsnb (and 2014, 2010)
  • 2016 Recipient Prix Éloizes, artist of the year in visual arts, Atlantic Provinces
  • 2014 Godmother, Festival des arts visuels en Atlantique, Caraquet, NB
  • 2014 Selected work, cover, The professional Status of Artists in New Brunswick, AAAPNB
  • 2012 Finalist Prix Éloizes, artist of the year in visual arts, Atlantic Provinces
  • 2011 Professionnal Development Grant, artsnb (and 2009)
  • 2011 Regional Arts Grant, artsnb (and 2009, 2008)
  • 2010 Finalist Prix Éloizes, event of the year, Atlantic Provinces
  • 2009 Certificat of recognition, House of Commons, Ottawa
  • 2009 Certificat of recognition, Community Star, City of Edmundston (and 2007)
  • 2008 Certificat of recognition, Centre d’immigration rurale, St-Léonard, NB
  • 2006 Creation Grant C, artsnb (and 2004)
  • 2004 Gold Medal, Gala International des Arts Visuels, Montréal
  • 2003 3rd Grand Prize, Gala International des Arts Visuels, CAPSQ, Montréal
  • 2001 Guest of Honor, Salon International de Dordogne, France
  • 2000 Gold Medal, Salon International de Savignac Lédrier, France
  • 2000 Vermeil Medal, Salon d’automne International des Beaux-Arts de Montréal


  • 2018 Artist in Residence, Ceramic Sculpture and Glaze Research, Edmundston Art Centre
  • 2014 Artist in Residence, Large Ceramic Sculpture, Edmundston Art Centre
  • 2011 Artist Residency, Smoke fired ceramic and raku, Atelier Josianne Vidrine, Bic, Québec
  • 2008 Artist Residency, Bronze Sculpture, Atelier du bronze, Inverness, Québec


  • 2022 Ombré, Gallery on Queen, Fredericton, NB
  • 2022 Transgression, Musée historique du Madawaska, Edmundston, NB
  • 2022 Circolo art & culture, Campbellton, NB (and 2019)
  • 2021 Œuvres de passage, Centre des arts d’Edmundston, NB
  • 2019 Incontournable, Centre des arts et de la culture, Dieppe, NB
  • 2019 Elemental, New Brunswick Stone Sculptors, Saint-Jean et St-Andrews, NB
  • 2018 900 degrees and rising, George Fry Gallery, Fredericton, NB
  • 2017 Of the Earth & the Ethereal, Gallery on Queen, Fredericton, NB
  • 2016 Five Acadiens artists, Gallery on Queen, Fredericton, NB
  • 2016 J’aime, je consomme, je me consume, Galerie Colline, Edmundston, NB
  • 2016 (Re)voir, Finalistes prix Éloizes, Centre des arts et de la culture, Dieppe, NB
  • 2014 Imagined Dialogues, Galerie d’art Beaverbrook, Fredericton, NB and Galerie Colline, Edmundston, NB
  • 2010 Wolastoq – beau fleuve, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB
  • 2010 Insect, Finalistes prix Éloizes, Musée de Moncton, Moncton, NB
  • 2009 Insect, Musée du Bas St-Laurent, Rivière-du-Loup, Qc
  • 2008 Insect, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB and Galerie Colline, Edmundston, NB 2006
  • 2007 Curiosités esthétiques, Galerie Colline, Edmundston, NB
  • 2006 Fragilité, Galerie Beauséjour, Moncton, NB
  • 2006 Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC (and 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000)
  • 2005 Musée de Tunis, Palais Kheireddine, Tunisie
  • 2005 Galeria da Escola, Jaime Cortesao, Combria, Portugal
  • 2004 Galerie Lacroix, Québec, Qc (and 2002)
  • 2004 Salle du Donjon, Pons, France
  • 2004 Exposition Internationale de Cravans, France
  • 2004 Cloitre des Carmes, Jonzac, France
  • 2004 Chemins du monde acadien, Inverness, Yarmouth et Sydney, NÉ
  • 2004 Centre culturel Popesco, Montréal, Qc
  • 2003 Galerie du collectionneur, (Saibam) Montréal, Qc
  • 2003 Galerie Vivarts, Laval, Qc
  • 2003 Complexe American Can, Montréal, Qc
  • 2003 Galerie Lacroix, Québec, Qc
  • 2002 Salon d’automne International des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, Qc
  • 2001 Figuring Reality, Agora Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2001 Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, On
  • 2001 Salon International, Saint-Vincent sur l’Isle, France
  • 2000 Salon International, Savignac Lédrier, France
  • 2000 Salon International, Beyssac, France
  • 2000 Salon International, Saint-Sornin Lavolps, France
  • 2000 Exposition internationale du Millénium, Miramichi, NB
  • 2000 Salon d’automne International des Beaux-Arts de Montréal
  • 1998 Musée acadien du Québec, Bonaventure, Qc
  • 1997 Mille saisons, Musée acadien du Québec, Bonaventure, Qc 
  • 1993 Galerie du Haut-St-Jean, Saint-Basile, NB


  • 2023 Atelier en art public avec Julien Lebargy
  • 2020 L’évolution des arts visuels au XXe siècle I & II, Musée historique du Madawaska (et 2019)
  • 2017 L’art moderne et contemporain en 5 gestes, cours en ligne Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
  • 2016 Learning from knowledge keepers of Mi’kma’ki, course en ligne, Cape Breton University, NS
  • 2016 Cours, L’histoire de la beauté I & II, Université de Moncton, Campus Edmundston (et 2015)
  • 2016 Atelier « L’art visuel s’écrit » avec Serge Murphy, Commissaire


  • 2021 Conference, « L’atelier d’artiste – Cabinet de curiosités », Edmundston Art Center, NB
  • 2019 Conference, « Coup d’œil, processus et influences », Musée historique du Madawaska, NB
  • 2015 Conference, « Art, nature & environnement », Edmundston Art Center, NB
  • 2014 Conference, « Ponctuations », Festival des arts visuels en atlantique, Caraquet, NB
  • 2012 Cercle des créateurs, représentante arts visuels, Gala prix Éloizes, Bathurst, NB

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