Goddesses of Nature

Travelling, migrating ephemeral installations …

There is a sacred relationship between women and nature.  These goddesses do not have names.  They are carriers of intention, prayers, wishes and blessings towards Mother Earth.

These ephemeral installations are prayers made visible.  Some of the thoughts that accompany my process is the maintenance of healthy ecosystems, the protection of flora, fauna and endangered species and the restauration of destroyed or polluted zones.


Where there is LOVE, there is ACTION.

“Éveline Gallant-Fournier also expresses the spiritual realm through the use of symbolic imagery.  Her expressions of body-earth identification allude to the wisdom of matriarchal religions of prehistory, to ancient mythical and ritual content related to the cycles of life and death, and to the fertility of nature.

In an overly industrialized, urbanized, commercialized and modernized world that faces ecological crisis, the artist, as keeper of memory, revivifies the feminine archetypal unconscious.  Through her shamanic art, she demonstrates how the earth talks to and teaches us if we but listen, revealing the false dichotomy between nature and culture, and the hidden sacredness within all life.” – Terry Graff, Director/CEO and Chief Curator, Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Imagined Dialogues)

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