Stella- Maris – 2020

Éditions La Grande Marée

“Dans Stella-Maris, un roman d’Éveline Gallant-Fournier publié aux Éditions La Grande Marée, nous sommes plongés au coeur de l’océan dans une aventure rocambolesque à la recherche d’une étoile.  Nous voyageons à travers cet univers fantastique sous-marin peuplé de poissons multicolores et de créatures mythologiques telles que les sirènes.  Quelques références historiques s’y glissent également pour créer un livre unique: C’est un roman fantastique qui fait des liens avec l’histoire des Acadiens de manière farfelue.” –  Julien Charette, Regroupement des éditeurs franco-canadiens

The Medusa of P’tit-Sault 2008

Self published

“This project, creating a legend and associated interactive game, is meant to stimulate popular imagination.  It is also meant to encourage interactions between members of our community as well as to foster reflection on the role that oral tradition may play in present-day society.  Both the the Madawaska River and regional folklore were sources of inspiration for this legend.” – Éveline Gallant Fournier


Imagined Dialogues – 2014

“This exhibition constitutes an intergenerational dialogue precipitated by the freshly created work of fourteen contemporary New Brunswick artists installed in seven pairings determined by the artists themselves and based on a mutual understanding of contemporary ideas and investigations in the visual arts.  Highlighting the profound and positive impact of trailblazing, first generation Acadian artists who paved the way for the blossoming of modernity in Acadie, it explores the importance of influence and homage, and the integral place of community and memory in the development of contemporary art practices in New Brunswick.” – Terry Graff, Director/CEO and Chief Curator, Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Walastoq (Beautiful River) – 2010

Walastoq (Beautiful River): The St. John River Project was a multidisciplinary, large-scale exhibition presented at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery from June 26 to September 6, 2010.  Comprised of both contemporary and historic works of art by a cross-section of New Brunswick artists, it explored the multiple aesthetic, geographical, historical, sociological, environmental, and cultural meanings of the St. John River.” – Terry Graff, Director/CEO and Chief Curator, Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Insecte – 2008

Insects serve as fascinating, richly complex muses for Éveline Gallant-Fournier, Élisabeth Hubault, Vicky Lentz and Christian Michaud, whose work reveals a deep understanding and appreciation of our commonality and human bond with them.  These artists dispel other perceptions, values and multiple meanings (both conscious and unconscious) of insects in our daily lives.” – Terry Graff, Curator and Deputy Director, Beaverbrook Art Gallery

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