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Goddess figurines …

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In 2012, I created one hundred Goddess clay figurines.  I’ve been using them, mostly at the bisque stage, in a landart ephemeral installation project titled “Goddesses of Nature”.

At the moment, I’m in the process of working on each of them individually adding glazes and elements.   Here is an exemple: “Fiddlehead Goddess”.

Pop Up Installation “Curio” …

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Festival d’art actuel, Edmundston, NB, from November 12 to 28, 2020

A “Curio” is a glass cabinet or display case where you can present collections of objects that share a common theme.  “Pop-up” installations allow alternatives to traditional exhibitions spaces; they are also an invitation to experience works of art, either while driving or by walking on the sidewalk.

“Curio” is an installation of 3 digital paintings of goddesses presented as an altarpiece.  This gothic style arrangement refers to cathedral windows; which, in this case symbolically offers a look into the sacred feminine.  Presented from an improbable and surprising place, these newly invented goddesses are in a way visual anthologies, modern icons that add to the traditional world of female archetypes.

A long term project …

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The day I decided to gather all the hidden works that I had in boxes and drawers, journals, sketchbooks and files in my computer was the day that I realized that I had the beginnings of a whole imagined world, the size of a planet, at my fingertips.  I knew I could gather all this work into one single concept, a worldbuilding project which I named Imaginarium.

This project has been growing at a steady pace ever since.  I’m still sifting through old works, some of them over 20 years old; but, I’m also creating new works on a continous basis.  At the moment, Imaginarium has a creation myth, lots of drawings, hundreds of digital images, a good amount of drafts and finished short stories, character origin stories, beasts and other odd creatures, gods and goddesses and mind maps for different groupings of species and ecosystems.  It’s a long term project I’m committed to.

CreatedHere Magazine “Nature is in me and I am in her” …

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I am very grateful to be part of issue no. 12, “Enviro” of the CreatedHere Magazine.

Art Deeply sown …  “I do not know if I was inspired by nature or seduced by her.  I was born on a farm with the nearest neighbours kilometers away.  Huge gardens, picking wild fruits, being snowbound for days in winter, swimming in the river two, sometimes three times a day on hot summer days, working very hard, surrounded by wild and domesticated animals; all this was part of my everyday life.  This natural upbringing is at the base of who I am.  Nature has always attracted me like a flower attracts a bee to the intimacy of its heart”.

Year’s end …

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Every time I start new projects, I clean my studio from top to bottom, burn incense and meditate … these are just a few of my rituels!!

2020 is going to be a year of revelations.  I’ll let you know precisely what its about when everything is ready to GO!